The association Il Razzismo è una brutta storiaFeltrinelli Group, together with the communication agency Tita and the Reception Center of Camparada (MB), present the project #WeAllWantSimpleThings – stories of refugees and daily shelters, a digital storytelling project supported by the U.S. Consulate General of Milan, within their programs to promote the respect of human rights and fight xenophobia. 

Since February 2016 Camparada, a small town with 2500 residents,  has hosted many asylum seekers – mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa – at a former convent.

At the beginning it hasn’t been easy.

It’s now clear – as the manager of the cooperative association that runs the shelter tells us – that the so-called “widespread welcoming” integration scheme (a system that guaranties equal distribution of refugees in small numbers on the territory)  represents the most effective model of integration and inclusion, and that the Centres – as the one in Camparada – are temporary transit structures. But in this transitory phase, yet inescapable, a lot can still be done for mutual awareness and overcoming prejudice.

THE VIDEO #ListenToWhatHeSays


The video #ListenToWhatHeSays is the first step for mutual awareness, to spread the true stories of the asylum seekers of Camparada and to make people think about the distance between their stories and the most common stereotypes.

The project will go on with educational, meeting and exchange activities, together with the students of the Scuola Media Don Milani of Lesmo.

Listen what this immigrant says. Is it this what you want to hear? Your choice. 

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Articolo pubblicato in Articoli, il 16 gennaio 2017