As leaders gather at the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants today, ENAR is launching an update of its interactive map of incidents of racist discourse and violence against migrants in EU Member States, including demeaning speeches by politicians, violence, anti-migrant demonstrations, and discriminatory practices by national authorities.

19 September 2016

The level of racist and xenophobic violence and speech targeting migrants and refugees in Europe is reaching new heights, as our map highlights. Not a month has passed without an assault, a hate speech incident, or new discriminatory policy against asylum seekers and migrants, from Germany to Hungary and from Finland to France.

Protection against violence and discriminatory practices must become a priority for European Union leaders. The UN Summit must result in a clear commitment to protect and safeguard the rights of migrants in Europe.

EU Member States should also ensure timely investigation, prosecution and sanctioning of violence or incitement to violence against migrants and asylum seekers. The European Commission should issue infringement proceedings against States that violate provisions of the EU Framework Decision against Racism and Xenophobia.

The map does not provide a comprehensive overview of anti-migrant incidents occurring across the European Union, rather a snapshot to illustrate the reality of racist violence and discourses targeting migrants and refugees.